Here is some legal stuff I would like you to be aware of.

Being an affiliate is one way Beginners Stock Investing Guide makes money. If someone clicks on a link and buys something I get a commission. Sometimes it's a little bit, sometimes more than just a bit.

I get to tell you about some great products and get a commission and the really great part is the price stays the same for you. It costs the very same for you to buy through my link or straight from the merchant, so, I really appreciate it when you click my link first, and then buy whatever you want, I usually get credit for anything on the merchant site. All this helps support this site and keep it going.

If I find a product I like, or that might be great for you, I will tell you about it. This is the main reason I created this website. I won't tell you I tried a product unless I really have.

If I use any testimonials they'll be from real people. I see no point in making that sort of thing up.

Affiliate merchants do not pay me to review their products, at this time. If that situation changes I will let you know. If I do a review it is my honest opinion of that product regardless of payment received.

Google adsense is not an affiliate. I do receive payment for Google ads but that is set up differently. Google chooses what ads to put up and I have no control over where the links send you. It's pretty clear which ads are Google ads - they say - Ads by Google...

I could give you a list of merchants I affiliate with but that would get tedious very quickly, just take for granted that probably most links are affiliate links.

As of now, I do not use advertisers. Whenever I do get around using them, I will make some money from them. I may or may not have tried advertiser's products. If I haven't tried a product, I won't say I have.

If I give a review or an endorsement of something, I'll be honest about it. I may receive compensation for these reviews but I will not pad a review just to sell you something.

If I recommend a stock, a trade, or a chart, I encourage you to conduct your due diligence before making any trading decisions.

Hopefully that clears things up for you. If you still have questions feel free to contact me and I'll try to answer whatever questions you may have.

James Kennedy