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Have you ever considered owning your own Internet business? For a long time I did. After searching without much success, I finally discovered an Internet business that works!

Let SBI! turn you into a high-earning affiliate champion.

Here is my journey...

It all began at a bowling event organized by a networking group in Atlanta, GA. I was introduced to a lady and we exchanged phone numbers. As we began to communicate I shared my overwhelming desire to have freedom of time and money. Her response – “I think I may have a way for you to do that”. You can bet I was interested.

Up to this point I had combed the internet looking for the “holy grail” if you will that would help me achieve my dreams. I looked at so many work-from-home sales pitches and quickly read between the lines – they were either fictitious, required large up front investments or never delivered what they promised.

I had read about Google AdSense and AdWords and always knew that there was a way. I went online and searched for affiliate programs and sensed that there was something I was missing. And then I read the stories on Allan Gardyne’s website and I began to sense that he was onto something – only I just did not fully understand it.

So when I met with my friend and she began talking about a web business system called Site Build It (SBI) and that anyone could use it to start and run a successful online business, I was intrigued. When she mentioned Allan Gardyne, I knew I had just hit the jackpot!

We talked for almost five hours non-stop. Every question I asked, she answered. She showed me her website. She talked about SBI the all in one site-building-hosting-and-marketing system of software tools that provides everything you need to build a profitable online business.She talked about AdSense and AdWords (no-one had ever explained it as well as she did). She talked about her background and her story.

The more she talked, the more I kept saying – This is IT!

After talking nonstop for five hours, I asked – “how do I join”. She elaborated on the SBI system and explained about the extensive links, resources, case studies and even a forum board that was available. At the end of her explanation she pointed out that this was one of the few online business models that you could be sure had a nearly 100% guarantee to make money.

At the end of our conversation, she provided me a link to download the free affiliate course so that I could start reading. I downloaded this Affiliate Masters Course and read through it several times to make sure I fully understood the concept.

There was so much information – great information! The course opened my eyes to the possibilities out there. My gut feel as I read it over the course of several weeks was that this was what I needed to achieve the freedom of time and money that I desired.

I knew I was going to have to work hard, be consistent and begin immediately. I did. I spent the $299 required to acquire SBI. SBI offered a 100 % money-back guarantee making the deal even more attractive. That meant if I wasn't satisfied, I could get my money back.

As I began this journey I realized why I liked (still do) SBI:

• The website building process required the use of a simple set of software tools provided by SBI.

• SBI provided step-by-step instructions, designed to help anyone turn their hobby, passion, knowledge or skill into a viable online business.

• I was able to take what I knew and loved, turn it into content, and use it to create a unique website that would then become my own web business.

• No programming skills or web design knowledge was required.

• I did not have to sell a product (unless I chose to)

• I did not have to learn any website building skills (even though I am well versed in website building)

• All I needed was basic computer skills and knowledge

I want you to know that you can do this! Download the free Affiliate Masters Course and acquire SBI. Read the Affiliate Masters Course, follow the steps, watch the videos, follow the action-guide, read the forum boards, build your website – one page at a time, and above all – Be consistent! You will achieve your dreams!

I am well on my WAY!

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