Stock Investing - An Introduction

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Stock Investing is the process of committing your money (or captial)in order to gain a financial return. The very essence of investing is to commit, devote, or spend time doing something that produces an outcome.

You have probably browsed the Internet looking for a website that offers you an easy to understand guide to Stock Market Investing

Look no further! This site was created with you in mind!

Not only can we help you learn Stock Investing - basics and beyond; more importantly, we help you avoid mistakes, and save money, and gain a financial return.

Bold claims?? Well read and judge for yourself!

The Beginners Stock Investing Guides are written with you in mind. We have designed the articles in such a way that the Beginners Stock Investing guides take you through the fascinating world of Stocks, Stock Markets, Stock Screeners, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Stock Analysis,and a lot more.

Do not be fooled by the word “beginners”. While there are numerous articles written with beginners in mind, the artciles in this site are very suited for the intermediate and professional investor as well.

We purposefully selected the word "beginners" because like building a strong foundation for a house, you MUST begin somewhere, and then build upon the basics.

What is the Goal of this site?

Simple really.

1. You gain a firm understanding of the stock investing and all its complexities.

2. We help you learn and build upon this knowledge. The result is that you have a head start of over 90% of people who invest blindly.

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3. We discuss, show, and demonstrate our proven stock investing strategies.

4. You implement these strategies; build, and refine your own, and in the process you gain financially - making comfortable residual income.

Here is something that you should know.

This subject is huge! And it can get confusing - commissions, technical analysis, swing trading, market orders, charts - you name it!

Not to worry! we will keep it simple, relevant and fun.

In other words, we will present Fundamental and Technical information in such a way that it easy to understand and follow.


You can access this site anytime, as long as you have a working Internet connection.

We provide relevant information that is easy to understand.

We make navigation easy - a snap really.

We encourage you - share this site with your fellow investors (we want you to spread the word).

Enough introduction. Ready?

Let's get started...